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Hey there!

My name is Elie (pronounced L E) and I am a 20something Stay at Home Wife from the Midwest. I was born, raised, educated and married in the great state of Indiana. My husband of a little over a year and I live in the middle of the state with our two fluffy kitties and our little puppy. No babies yet, but hopefully soon.

I am a believer of God and take my faith with me everywhere I go. I am one of seven siblings, and yes we are all crazy...in our own ways. There are five girls and two boys, not to mention four brother-in-laws, three nephews and a beautiful niece that steals the show every chance she gets. My parents are strong, brave and faithful people who have everything to do with how awesome I am :) I also have the worlds best in-laws! No, I'm not just saying that. I doubt any of them will ever see this page, but all four of them are such wonderful people.

For college I chose the amazing Indiana University in Bloomington, IN where I earned my BS in Sports Marketing and Management. This is where I met Hubby. I applied for a server position at a local restaurant and he interviewed me. I later found out he didn't even want to hire me because I seemed too flighty!! Jerk! But after years of never even talking to the guy I ended up running into him at an Indiana Pacers game. He was attending the game and I actually worked for the team selling season tickets. It was a Dream Job that paid pennies. So when Hubby said he was interested in buying tickets I was all over it. After convincing him to purchase a huge ticket package in awesome seats, I left the company only to start dating him a few months later. Ironically enough I ended up going to the games and sitting in the seats I sold him! He later admitted he bought them to impress me. Guess it worked! Five years later we are happily married and totally in love with each other! God blessed me with a man who is my best friend, my strength, my rock, my secret keeper and the biggest cheerleader a girl could ask for. I thank God everyday that I have him (and he has me :).

I have a dry sense of humor sometimes, but most of the time I'm as goofy as it gets. I love to laugh, play pranks on people, read, cook, and dance. I teach Zumba twice a week and I love it. It's a chance for me to get out there and go nuts while getting paid for it! Can't beat that right?! Plus it helps burn off all the calories I consume devouring all the sweet treats I make and share with you on here.

Two personal goals I hope to obtain during 2014 are 1: to love onions and 2: to get craftier. What great cook doesn't like onions, right?! I need to get over my hatred of them so I can start to experience all the cuisines I skip over due to that particular ingredient. I am also hoping to purchase my first hot glue gun. You may laugh at this, but all good crafters need one! I feel that will help push me to do more crafts. I have great ideas, just not great supplies. So, once I get that "gun" under my belt I can hopefully expand my crafting abilities. And of course I will share my journey of obtaining both of these goals with all of you on here. Come back often to see how it's going. So if you're ready, join me in this crazy journey we call life!

Thanks for stopping by!

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